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HistoryGlögg is a traditional drink of the Swedish winter season. Glögg is traditionally made with old red wine, multiple fruits and spices. Heated to about 180° F, each small glass is garnished with a few almonds and raisins or dried lingonberries. The colder months (December and January) are a dark, wintry time, and this hot drink helps keep the spirits cheered. Everclear never tasted so good!  We have now determined that many Swedes and Finns drink Glögg in the summer, sort of a Swedish sangria. We do too!   Hej Da!

Glögg’s origins are with mulled wine – wine heated and mulled with spices. In fact the word “Glögg” has an Old Norse meaning – to heat, steep, and likely ferment very slowly. You will find different versions of Glögg depending on where you are in Sweden and which family you belong to. There are other versions in neighboring countries as well. There are even multiple interpretations and legends associated with the word Glögg.

Mulled wine was known to medieval Europeans and celebrated from at least 400AD. In the 1800s, a special mulled wine was popular in Europe known as “Glühwein”, which began to incorporate the special Glogg ingredients.  Glogg tends to have more sugar as well as a heavier alcohol content. Given the frigid winters seen in Scandinavia this can be quite necessary.  


About Finger Lakes Harvest Glögg:

Finger Lakes Harvest Glögg is alcohol free. It is made in the traditional manner involving long, cold steeping of whole ingredients. Out on the Baltic island farms, our families would toss every fruit available into the barrel, along with old red wine, every spice available, and a few “secret extracts” of herbs and spices. The Glögg is then allowed to work for months. The flavor development is truly amazing. We follow the same path in the Finger Lakes. Our fruit list includes apples, grapes (purple, red and white), cranberries, pears (lots of pears) sweet and tart cherries (4 different varieties), plums (lots of plums), lingonberries, raisins (technically grapes), oranges, tangerine, lemon and ginger. There are 8 different spices. Organic, unrefined large crystal cane sugar. When completed, the liquid is slowly filtered and put up for the holidays.  Islanders drink it all year long.  

Simply heat to your fav temperature (or about 180 F), add your preferred spirit (or not) and you are ready to sip and celebrate! Add a bit of apple cider for body and sweetness. Sköll (said with passion) and when you are good and tipsy “Tips sa toket” (eyes tipped) to the ceiling.


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