vegan · gluten free  · non GMO · no artificial sweeteners

We used to call it Shrubmopolitan, to reflect the fact it is a serious blend of three shrubs cranberry, lime, and orange.  Well balanced flavor, beautiful color  and stunning mouth feel.  Our cosmo performs best with a clean vodka and club soda.   1:2:1 ratio (mixer:spirit:seltzer) Drop a few cubes in the shaker, pour out into martini glass, and start the celebration.  No need to wait for warm weather, it’s easy to sip all year long.  

The cosmo isn’t a new cocktail recipe, versions go back to the roaring twenties. Some TV sitcoms have made it popular again.  True fans of the Cosmopolitan drink fruity, citrusy cocktails, but they also want sophistication.  Cosmo’s made with shrubs were a popular version during prohibition.

One variation we’ve come across in Corning New York includes Cosmo ala Paris.  Replace Vodka with Grand Marnier.   It will have more orange in the flavor base but you will feel a little…oo lala  or…je ne sais quoi. If you want more lemon or shall we say, ‘Cosmochello’ – just add some Lemoncello to the mix… You’ll see what we mean. 


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