vegan · gluten free  · non GMO · no artificial sweeteners

Our take on the Bloody Mary mixer, This sweet and spicy tomato shrub is sure to become your favorite! 100% all natural. Vegan, gluten free. Curated over time for maximum flavor. Natural pectins no modified food starch or unnatural thickeners. Made from whole peppers and whole tomatoes. Pour over ice and add vodka or forgo the vodka for a virgin mary.

This shrub is powerful enough to stretch by adding some extra tomato, or clamato juice for you Cesar fans.

Other uses include as a base for chili or marinara sauce. Contains no alcohol.

2 reviews for Shrubby Mary

  1. Tammy Fiffick

    Best Bloody Mary Mix EVER!

    I am 60+ years old and have been drinking blood mary’s for the majority of my life and let me tell you – other than my husband’s aunt (who has been deceased for awhile) this is the best mix out there!

    My daughter purchased it for me on a whim and when I made my first drink I was DE-LIGHTED! I will DEF be buying this ALL THE TIME from now on!

  2. Michael Benaquist

    This is the best Bloody Mary mix I’ve ever had. My girlfriend and her mom brought me home this mix from a craft show and it’s the best I’ve ever had. It honestly doesn’t get better than this. I’m going to the finger lakes in august and I will most definitely be stocking up and 20 bottles to bring back home

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