vegan · gluten free  · non GMO

Background: A full bodied, sweet, complex, what we call a ‘broad band’ flavor. A masterful addition to brandies and sweet spirits. A local distillery uses it to enhance their pear brandy (which is already really amazing in so many ways). Commonly used in the prohibition era as a stand alone drink with seltzer or a non alcoholic liqueur. Makes for a wonderful salad dressing and pairs well with cheeses of all kinds. It also likes to age, we racked off a three year old pear last year and it was soooooo smooth!

There is some debate about the exact origins of the European pear, but many experts believe that European pear and Asian pears co evolved 6000+ years ago. Certain species of pear are also native to parts of Africa. European colonists began to bring pears to North America in the 1500s. While pears were cultivated there during those years, the colonists continued to import most of the pears they consumed from Europe, and especially from France but by the late 1700’s pears were being cultivated in upstate NY.

Our pears this year are Sekels, grown in Geneva New York. A deep flavor originally from France. We also will be introducing a Wild Pear Shrub mid 2020, an Amish grown spontaneous second generation pear, very unique.

Health: High in macro-nutrients such as Potassium and micro minerals such as copper. Also high in polysaccharides that are known to help repair connector cells such as epithelial (skin)l cells when damaged.   

Uses:  Dressings, cocktails mixer, cordials – Yes!! Rub on pork rump or drizzle pear shrub over mustard greens, watercress, leeks and walnuts for a delicious salad.Other ideas include:

  • Drizzle on goat or bleu cheese for a delightful dessert.
  • Add pear shrub, grated ginger and honey to oatmeal or millets porridge for a pungently sweet breakfast treat.
  • Poach those whole pears in pear shrub. yummmmmm.

We extract the essence from fruit harvested here in the Finger Lakes used. This helps produce the vibrant color and flavor of our small-batch shrub. There are no flavor enhancers, preservatives, or colorants. Ever! Taste the Finger Lakes Harvest difference!

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