vegan · gluten free  · non GMO

Background: We have a special process that extracts the entire goodness from the lime.  That’s why it is important that the limes we use are clean, waxes, pesticide, and fertilizer free.  The limes are aged at low temperatures and extracted fully. Then aged again in ACV to bring out the oils without the addition of heat, making a very robust flavor with phenols that traditional, store bought lime juice simply does not have. Our limes come from a single origin in the Florida panhandle owned cooperatively by a family farm in upstate NY.  As always they are non gmo, and both the fruit and transport boxes are wax, fungicide and insecticide free. 

We curate our shrub over 3 – 4 weeks at low temperatures that slowly extract the naturally occurring esters, maximize flavor, color and nutrients.  Heat and solvent extraction which is used for most commercial juice and nutrient extraction damages sensitive components such as Vitamin C, ascorbics, some B Vitamins and flavor esters. Therefore we never use heat or solvents in our extraction process.  What you taste is what the fruit really tastes like. Each fruit is different, each variety is a little different, therefore some taste variation occurs from batch to batch. That keeps it interesting. We make note of fruit varietals as they are produced.

Health: There are so many health benefits to lime. Many are tested and approved by decent research. Specifically, our shub contains a large amount of citrus pectins which are not found in the juice, only in the inner rind.  That’s where we shine. Soluble fiber, a key to sustained weight loss, improved digestion, lactic and citric bacters that help dial down ambient blood sugar and also improve complex carb metabolism. Assists in pro and prebiotic culture.  Like lemons, limes are a super fruit that doesn’t get the attention it deserves.  

Uses: Salad dressings in any direction, water flavor du jour, meat marinade and tenderizer (chicken), finishing vinegar, and cocktail mixer (think sours here).  FLH lime shrub is a 3 ingredient drink mixer and culinary enhancer in every direction. FLH shrub makes a natural sour mix for a cocktails.

We extract the flavor and juices from fruit harvested here in the Finger Lakes region whenever possible. If off-season or not native to the Finger Lakes, only the highest quality fruits are used. This helps produce the vibrant color and flavor of our small-batch shrub. There are no flavor enhancers, no concentrates, preservatives, or colorants. Ever! Taste the Finger Lakes Harvest difference!

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