Cranberry tonic is simply two ingredients: Organic Apple cider Vinegar and Cranberries. Long term extraction at low temperatures and low Ph preserves the antioxidants, specifically catechins that make this so healthy for you. 

Main health benefits are:

Oof the best natural sources of catechins, an antioxidant that inhibits E coli stickiness.  That’s important  for your GI and Urinary System.  A natural antimicrobial for sticky mouth bacteria that causes gum and teeth issues. Very high natural pectins for prebiotic development. Reduces simple sugar uptake in your GI lowers ambient blood sugar. Natural emulsifying effect of stored body fat – leading to quicker metabolism of fat as needed. Natural antihistamine for relieving respiratory symptoms such asthma cold and flu. Natural HDL (good) cholesterol builder required for improved heart music function. 

Cranberries – This tonic is very tart.  No sugar to sweeten the deal.  You can add stevia to take the edge off.  Experiment please. 

This tonic can be taken daily (2 TBSP in 8 oz water of any kind) for all the benefits for the Apple cider vinegar with the mother and Cranberries.


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