This is not your grandma’s pickled beet juice.  This Beet shrub has depth, and earthiness that strikes a pose and memory of a previous life. We process the whole beet, skin, core, stalks, all of it. Beets have long been and are a farm staple. Somewhere in the early 1800’s beets found their way to the glacial soils of the Finger Lakes. Primarily used as animal feed, these gorgeous red beets slid into our local culinary tradition. We suspect Ukrainians and Polish who came to Western new York had something to do with it. By the 1960’s beets discovered to have extra ordinary micro mineral content. Iodine, iron, potassium, manganese, zinc to say the least are strong present in the juicy shrub produced.  As children we grew up eating beet soup and pickled beets all summer long.  My grandma used to say, you haven’t had enough beets until what comes out is the same color of what went in.  Beet shrub will help you with that.  Take this shrub and pour over steamed veggies, mmmmmm, salad of course, and what colorful mashed potatoes.  And last but not least, its a sipper, straight out of the bottle.

We extract the flavor and juices from fruits and roots harvested here in the Finger Lakes region whenever possible. If off-season or not native to the Finger Lakes, only the highest quality fruits are used. This helps produce the vibrant color and flavor of our small-batch shrub. There are no flavor enhancers, preservatives, or colorants. Ever! Taste the Finger Lakes Harvest difference!

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